The AA

Role: UX/UI Designer

Skills: UX, UI, Design, Research and discovery, taxonomy and content audits, rapid prototyping, marketing, artworking

Client: The AA

Project Overview

The AA is the UK’s largest motoring organisation with over 15 million customers. Breakdown cover is their number one priority, but they've since branched out into finance, insurance, leisure and lifestyle services.

I was brought on board to work in a UX/UI design role to assist with the largest digital transformation project in over a decade at the AA. I worked on UX and UI projects for a wide range of products and services across the company.

Process followed
  • Agile
  • Scrum methodology for product development
  • Iterative design approach
  • Mobile-first methodology
  • User-testing reports and user-research labs
  • Prototyping across multiple devices both mobile and tablet
  • Use of mockups and AB testing
  • Interpreting brand and business guidelines and requirement documentation into strong, clear and consistent design solutions
  • Collaborating with stakeholders on wireframes and interactions
  • Ensuring the highest standards of interface design and online customer journeys
  • Knowledge of good usability practices, 'customer journey' design and usability testing techniques
  • Responsible for UX/UI design, including improvements on existing applications and new product development
  • Ensure compliance with design and brand requirements
  • Delivery of UX, UI and visual design components

Daily WIPs and regular presentations to the key stakeholders.

Team make up
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master

UK Breakdown cover - Help me choose tool

The initial project I worked on was to design a help me choose tool for UK breakdown cover. The brief was to design a journey to help users who were unsure about what breakdown cover they needed. It would help them find the breakdown cover that best suited their needs by answering a few simple questions.

Working closely with a copywriter and stakeholders the aim was to provide an experience that used more natural language and avoided business jargon. Taking a mobile-first approach helped to ensure a minimal UI to allow a quick journey through the steps to the summary screen.

Due to the tight delivery deadlines I created interactive prototypes allowing me to perform gorilla testing to refine the experience along with stakeholder feedback before development began. The team followed a scrum methodology with daily WIPs and fortnightly reviews.

I worked on the project from the initial UX and UI/visual design phase through to working with the developer on the responsive platform.

Once live we used analytics and A/B testing to further improve the ecommerce experience and validate updates to the tool.

Hospitality - taxonomy and discovery document

Working closely with a taxonomist my role was to document the existing hospitality content and categorise them into main groups eg. hotels, motels, restaurants.

I created a discovery document that outlined the user needs before sorting and filtering the extensive range of content into accommodation and eating categories covered by the AA hospitality department.

This allowed us to identify any patterns and differences among the many sections. This enabled the taxonomist to modernise the language and categories to more common and familiar terms.

Other projects

Responsible for UX/UI design, including improvements on existing applications and new product development. Assisting in gathering requirements to adapt products from legacy systems into the new framework and design rationale.