DNA | Kiwibank

Role: Senior Experience Designer

Skills: UX design, user research, user testing & synthesis

Client: Kiwibank

Project Overview:

DNA was engaged by Kiwibank to undertake a usability study on the current public website. With the bank looking to attract more millennials’ and SMEs’, the bank was interested to understand how well the current site is serving current customers and those they wish to attract.

I researched, interviewed and user tested how well the current website was serving current customers and those they wish to attract. Provided recommendations, vision frameworks, experience principles and high level content model for evolving the website and creating an experience which supports people where they’re at to strive for and achieve their financial goals, with Kiwibank at their side.

Although the primary goal of this work was to inform future products, services, experience, and messaging that Kiwibank might develop and offer, in order to provide the best possible experience for their customers and attract new customers, the research was broad in it’s scope exploring not just the banking experience but also peoples holistic experience of finances.

At the completion of the interviews the DNA team went back through the data collected and extracted the key findings and themes. Many of these related to the topics of exploration but there were additional areas of interest that weren’t anticipated but were felt to be of relevance and importance.